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Let’s Work Together
Let’s Work Together

1. Mobilize support from County, National and International partners to set up a modern Stadium in Viwandani Ward.

2. Set up a Sports academy and link it to Agencies associated with top teams locally and accross the world.

3. Lobby for Sport based Scholarships.

4. Upgrade existing playgrounds in Kabati, Site & Service, Kanjo and others to acceptable levels to host football, rugby, volleyball, boxing and indoor games like darts and pool.

5. Expose the community to professional national and international training for coaches, referees and match officials.

6. Use Sports to fight local vices and attract financing for participants to conduct National campaigns against drugs, Climate Change and others using marketing skills and proposals developed under the MCAs office.

8. Get exceptionally talented players to train with National teams with a view of them playing for country.

1. Increase/Upgrade existing Early Childhood Development Centres in Viwandani Ward.

2. Create a Viwandani Ward Ujenzi Council with membership from every location to identify and prioritise Mwananchi-led infrastructure investments.

3. Lobby the Nakuru Chapter of The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry together with the National Government to set up a Trade Fund to assist Small and Medium Enterprises within Viwandani.

4. Invite Nakuru County Treasury to pilot the SME Fund in Viwandani

5. Lobby the County Government to rehabilitate and modernize our Markets and with National Government to package Viwandani-made products

6. Establish a vulnerable Children Rescue and care centre

7. Design and lobby for funds to set up a Nyumba ya Wazee, to take care of the aged

8. Audit the roads connecting various villages in Viwandani, with a view of building
new ones or rehabilitating those existing.

9. Champion legislation in the County Assembly to recognize Viwandani Ward as a Special Economic Zone.

10. Increase street lighting in each location, as a means of extending time for business and enhancing security.

11. Participate and ensure that Affordable Housing programme is implemented in Viwandani

12. Set up One Stop Centers for Viwandani residents to get free business lessons and access the Internet to encourage e-commerce and printers to assist parents who cannot afford the infrastructure required by the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)

13. Create an annual Peer-to-peer Viwandani business mentorship day, to assist small business grow and enlarge available markets

1. We will form a Technical Bursary Committee made up of parents and teachers in each Location to ensure transparent allocation of bursary.

2. I will actively seek International Scholarships to empower our Viwandani students.

3. I will Lobby the County & National Governments to identify and set up The University of Naivasha.

4. With the help of Local Innovators, I will develop a Viwandani CV bank that will use technology to lobby for jobs for our youth both locally and internationally.

5. I intend to introduce a School based Mentorship programme using Viwandani Ward Alumni and their International contacts.

6. I will progressively Introduce a feeding programme in schools supported by the great people of Viwandani Ward.

1. I will be at the forefront to increase the tree and vegetation cover for Viwandani Ward to beyond the National minimum of 10%.

2. I will Champion Legislation in the County Assembly for a once-a-month Mandatory Countywide Cleanup drive to help keep our County Clean. We will Pilot the Cleanup drive in Viwandani.

3. I will reclaim any public spaces, land and facilities grabbed and create green, safe and secure areas for the great people of Viwandani to relax and catch some breath.

4. I will ensure that industries and companies within Viwandani Ward set up CSR activities aimed at safeguarding and protecting the environment within their service charters.

5. I will help set up and support Environmental Clubs in all Learning Institutions within Viwandani Ward. This will instill the need for the protection of our environment into our school going children at a younger age.

6. I will identify key areas within every location and build garbage collection points within which all garbage should be consolidated and collected every two days and dumped accordingly.

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